What others are saying about Ferhan Patel

Over the years, I’ve also been very fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people and have formed some great working relationships. Some of these people have been kind enough to write some humbling recommendations and reviews about me.”


“Ferhan Patel has been an excellent mentor and advisor for my company.  He takes the time to listen and give genuine feedback.  He would always make time for me during the day, evening or even weekends.”

“He is humble down to earth guy. I was super impressed by his level of openness & communication”

“He has the killer instinct of an entrepreneur and a very passionate individual. He never ceases to improve himself and is a constant learner, all traits of a successful entrepreneur!”

“Ferhan Patel had a strong passion for the payments industry and ensured that all departments that reported to him shared the same passion. His understanding and grasp of all the multiple points during the course of an evolving industry is incomparable. He always intended to inspire those around him with a cautious optimism but a creative vision, focused on the goal of creating a simple and effective payment platform.”

“Ferhan is an intelligent, entrepreneurial and driven business professional who strives to foster these same qualities in those whom he mentors.” 

“Ferhan has a healthy balance between pragmatism and the entrepreneurial spirit”

“Ferhan’s advice has been exceptional to our foundation, and with his generous contribution, we have been able to make significant progress towards our goals.”

“Wow!  Ferhan’s advice and feedback on our product was spot on.  It saved us months of product development iterations and we were able to focus on a more precise MVP”

“Ferhan is exceptionally sharp and decisive. He has an uncanny ability to process multiple angles simultaneously, and understand the best course of action, but is gracious enough to give you time to catch up with him. He has a unique combination of intelligence, determination, and kindness that cause people to believe in him as a leader. Vouching for Ferhan is a very easy task.”

“There are very few people who can do what Ferhan does every day. His understanding of the industry is comprehensive and spans various different functions such a product, payments, fraud & compliance. He is one of the few executives I know that has the ability to handle both the big picture and the meticulous details. He is passionate about his work and knows how to get his teams excited and inspired as well. I worked for Ferhan for many years and the experience was always positive and enlightening”

“Ferhan has a sharp, analytical mind that can see the big picture while maintaining focus on the details. Working with Ferhan at AlertPay has been a pleasure as he easily adapts to new situations and experiences and maintains a calm demeanor in the face of a constantly evolving work environment. His keen wit and approachability has allowed me to learn a lot from him.”

“While working with Ferhan I was impressed with his skills and capacity. It was just before the early days of his AlertPay company which he created and built. Business is very natural for him. This really impressed me and until today I can remember of very few people during my career that I can point to and identify such a crisp business vision and Ferhan is on top of that list. Based on this, I can only strongly recommend Ferhan as a business person”