When The Opportunity Presents Itself, You Just Have to be ‘That Guy’

Lions and Tigers and Bears Dragons, oh my!

Star-studded is an understatement. Batman, Lord Conrad Black, Justin Bieber, Ironman, Lennox Lewis, Mastro Fresh Wes, Ben Mulroney, Dragons and countless other celebrities and successful entrepreneurs. Also a lion cub, a tiger, a kangaroo, a lemur and a camel (parked conveniently next to the Batmobile). Las Vegas meets Hollywood meets Bay Street. I had the privilege of being personally invited to the most fantastic and fantastical VIP party of the year: philanthropists Andy Curnew and Dr. Rita Kilislian hosted a Private VIP Art Show and “Nyotaimori Celebrating Life Love and Art” this past Saturday, April 30.

And yes, I was “that guy”. That guy is the entrepreneur who never stops being an entrepreneur and always has his newest, revised, tweaked elevator pitch at the ready for when an opportunity arises I get asked the inevitable question, “So, what do you do?”

The moment I entered the party, I was mesmerized by the display of exotic cars and animals, hypnotized by the theatrics of fire jugglers and acrobatics, and transported by the music of Opera Atelier and a performance by the one and only Justin Bieber. 

But the moments that really tested my composure as a fan and as an entrepreneur came one by one, The Dragons: Kevin 0’Leary, Michael Wekerle, Robert Herjavec, Manjit Minhas, Jim Treliving, Joe Mimran, Michael Romanow, and Michael Hyatt just to name a few. The who’s who of Canadian entrepreneurs. The crème de la crème of business acumen and personal drive.

So, when that moment did arise and one of the dragons asked me, “A FinTech startup, eh? Tell me more,” I was That guy. When would I, as a fan and and a founder of a new FinTech startup ever have an opportunity like this again – not just to meet so many of the business celebrities I admire, but also for them to get to know me.

(did I mention an Ironman was at the party?!!!)

You can read more about the event at: