Payza is announcing that it has cooperated with law enforcement officials to identify and arrest 11 individuals in the UK, US and Vietnam, who are suspected of masterminding a $200 million credit card fraud ring.

This is not the first time that Payza has coordinated a crackdown on cybercrime with law enforcement, but it does mark another point in a long history of collaboration between the two parties. Payza assists in tracking the behavior of cyber criminals, including gathering evidence for the arrest and prosecution of cybercriminals.

According to Ferhan Patel, Payza’s Chief Compliance Officer is in a unique position to assist authorities in the location and dismantling of international fraud rings. “That being said, this has been a very dynamic and exciting year to be involved in cyber-security. The culture has shifted and we are now, for the first time, seeing a concerted, worldwide effort to punish those involved in and responsible for online criminal activity.”

Shawn Samuel, the woman behind the bust, is a Fraud Prevention Analyst, and one of many employed by Payza, whose job is to collect information that can implicate fraud ring leaders in the act. Shawn was instrumental in monitoring and tracking fraudulent transactions, while also intercepting communications and financial data that was later used to incriminate those responsible.

Shawn Samuel, a Fraud Prevention Analyst at Payza, was involved in collecting the information which helped law officials to identify and arrest the suspects implicated in this fraud ring. In her role at Payza, Samuel was instrumental in monitoring, tracking and intercepting the fraudulent transactions which were used to incriminate the responsible individuals.

“Shawn identified the suspicious behavior which helped law enforcement locate these cybercriminals,” said Ferhan Patel. “She was able to trace the fraud ring back to August 2012 and use their behavioral patterns to zero-in on and prevent any fraudulent transactions from taking place.”

Payza also runs a proprietary fraud management platform, which helps techs like Shawn Samuel process the vast amount of data the company processes each day. Payza’s FraudMatrix technology continuously adapts to what fraudsters do in real-time. Payza is able to use this data to instantly flag potentially fraudulent transactions without the user experience changing.

Payza’s ability to manage big data in real-time will be the deciding factor in tracking and prosecuting cyber criminals.

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Ferhan Patel

Ferhan Patel is a experienced Canadian FinTech Executive with over 15 years experience.