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Ferhan Patel is known for specializing in creating the vision and building the foundation for products, creating strategy and direction from a high-level perspective, and marketing key products and services to specific target audiences through his role as Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Payment Rails.  His skills and experience, however, encompass much more than that. In addition to specializing in compliance and product development, Ferhan Patel has a formidable background in marketing and product design, which heavily influences his perspective when it comes to evaluating a product throughout its life cycle.

Ferhan Patel has spent most of his career working within the realm of FinTech services through payment solution products, and he is excited to continue his work as a consultant in this booming sector.  In addition to his work as a skillful FinTech expert, Ferhan is noted for his work as a Financial Crime Expert with robust product design knowledge who has always taken an active role in the lifecycle of a product in order to ensure that compliance is properly integrated into the product.

Prior to focusing on his consulting work in a full-time capacity, Ferhan made time to consult for various companies related to topics in eCommerce payments, mobile payments, digital wallets, compliance, and fraud mitigation.  In 2011, he was a mentor for the Montreal Startup Competition.  While consulting on a part-time basis, Ferhan Patel also showcased his unique set of talents as the CCO and Director of Global Risk and Compliance at Payza where he oversaw the Risk, Fraud, and Compliance Departments.

While with Payza, Ferhan Patel developed and implemented many of the company’s AML/CTF, Compliance, Fraud and Risk Mitigation policies. Prior to that role, Ferhan held the position of Executive Vice President of Corporate and Product Marketing and led the company’s product development strategies, marketing operations, strategic alliances and new market opportunities. He was responsible for the company’s overall marketing strategies – from product identity, placement and strategic promotion, to corporate, public and marketing strategies and communications. Ferhan helped lead Payza to win the 2013 Paybefore Award for Outstanding Newcomer in Prepaid/Emerging Payments category.

Early on in his career, Ferhan Patel was a consultant for TEKsystems.  He then went on to become the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of AlertPay. As the COO of a growing start-up Ferhan was involved in every aspect of the company. Ferhan directed the company’s operating procedures – from Process, AML, Risk and Compliance, to Fraud Detection, KYC and Verification; as well as the company’s product development strategies and marketing operations. Ferhan gained a wealth of experience and insight through being an integral part of the company.

Ferhan Patel also helped earn the Quebec Technology Company of the Year award from Benefice in 2010, and the 2011 Industry Alpha Award for Excellence in Consumer Products from the Ville St. Laurent Chamber of Commerce.

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